Refund – Your Rights

Repairs, replacements and refunds are known as remedies. You can ask for a remedy under the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) for any consumer product or service that you are not happy with.

Consumer products are things bought from a business for personal or household use.

You should be able to get a repair, replacement or refund if:

  • products or services don’t do what they are meant to, or are defective
  • products or services are different from their description, eg on packaging or in advertising
  • products don’t match the sample or model you were shown
  • products or services are not reasonably fit for a particular purpose you told the seller about
  • the retailer did not have the right to sell the product
  • delivery is late or never arrives, or products are damaged in transit.

The Consumer Guarantees Act doesn’t cover commercial products, real estate, or private sales, eg garage sales, school galas or buying second-hand from private sellers (not traders) on sites like TradeMe.

The Tonezone is not legally required to give you a refund or replacement if you have just changed your mind.