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Tonezone Services

Your Audio Visual Specialists

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Meet the team below:

Our Team

Meet the team below

Our Services

View our services we offer below in-depth:

Our Services

View our services we offer below in-depth

Multi-Room System

You don’t just live in one room in your home, so why confine your entertainment to one room?

We can offer you a multi-room entertainment system which is now more achievable and affordable than ever. Linking your family room, master bedroom, kitchen and outdoor areas creates a whole home system, bringing a new level of enjoyment to your everyday life.

Commercial Installation

Audio and visual systems are just as important at your business as they are at home. We can create a solution which gives a discreet and harmonious flow of sound and/or vision through your cafe, office club or store. We designed and installed the indoor and outdoor invisible speaker system at the famous Green Dragon at Hobbiton Movie Set and Farm Tours near Matamata.


Digital Device Integration

Optimise your audio visual system using your Smartphone and/or tablet. We can show you how to control your whole system from your portable device making the most of the technology at your fingertips. This technology allows you to switch between your own or internet-based media and also control the volume and much more.


Product Knowledge

Looking to upgrade your system?

When it comes to TV then Panasonic is number one. Wireless music options are handled by SONOS and who makes better amplifiers than Yamaha. Rega just keeps making great turntables. Then there is Klispch, Tivoli, Speakercraft, Epsom, QAcoustic, Cambridge Audio, Tanglewood guitars, Casio keyboards and more.

Ask us anything, our product knowledge is second to none.

New Home or Existing Installation

It is easier and more cost effective to design and install a system during the building process. Plus we make sure the wires are hidden so they do not disturb the flow of your new home.

However, we are very clever at disguising and running cables in your existing home. Come talk to us to find out more.


Great Service

Not only can we design and install a custom system, we back it up with great service. Most importantly we make it easy to use and show you how to operate it when it is installed. Plus, if there is anything you are not quite sure about, we offer 24/7 customer care. We are only a phone call away.


Custom Installation


Custom Installation


Everyone deserves a customised system, from concept and design right through to installation.


We offer exceptional service and if you need help with your new system, we are always just a phone call away.


We ask about your needs and design a system perfectly suited for you and your lifestyle. We can assist with acoustic treatment of listening rooms or offices.


Even with new wireless technology, hard-wired cables still offer the most reliable connections and the best signal transfer. We will help you decide what is best for your situation


Experience and knowledge are vital when integrating different technologies, especially when making a user-friendly system.


Custom installation will enhance both your home and lifestyle.

Relaxing in your bedroom or out on the deck with your favourite music at your fingertips, or experiencing the power and emotion of a blockbuster movie on your own big screen, see the results for yourself today.

We can come to you to discuss your personal AV needs

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