Rega Planer 3 (early 90’s Second hand)



Nice condition fitted with an Origin Live Arm and brand new Oyster MM Cartridge. All in excellent condition. Table has been tested. This is a golden opportunity to own an amazing table all up-graded ready to go. This would cost you $2000.00 to do new.

(picture shows used Sumiko No2 cartridge fitted that could be sold as an extra with it for $150.00)

Its in store now.

HiFi Choice said in 1984 that the Planar 3 sounded “nicely musical in a balanced and coherent manner. Presentation of detail was considered well above average”; in 1992 it asserted that the Rega Planar 3 has been “a long time leader” under £250.Michael Fremer wrote in December 1996 that the 3 offered somewhat deeper and tighter bass, better dynamics at both ends of the scale, a better sensation of ‘quiet’, and smoother overall performance”. Considered on its own terms, the Rega 3 was “quiet, dynamic, free of obvious tracking distortion or other supposed analog problems, extremely well-balanced top to bottom, offers very deep and reasonably tight bass”.

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