Polk Audio T50 5.1 package



Big sound, small price
Efficient and easy to drive
Proper surround sound at a soundbar price

Polk’s T50 system is all about value with a capital V— delivering a real 5.1 experience including a powered subwoofer and floor standing tower speakers at a soundbar price.

“What this country needs is a really good five-cent cigar.”—Thomas R. Marshall

American vice presidents aren’t usually remembered for much, but Woodrow Wilson’s VP Thomas R. Marshall will always be remembered for saying that America needed good cheap cigars. If you figure in a hundred years of inflation, Marshall’s five-cent cigar would still be well under a buck today, so clearly he was a man who wanted real value for the money. With that in mind, I reckon that if Marshall were alive today, he would be a huge fan of the Polk T Series speaker system.

These days, if you go shopping for a reasonably priced upgrade for your home entertainment system’s audio, most people will tell you to check out a soundbar. It’s easy to hook up, unobtrusive, and cheap, but at least in my experience, usually far from being truly satisfying. It seems that no matter what tricks they use to spread the sound around the room, most soundbars deliver little more than glorified mono sound. Getting a big, immersive soundstage from a soundbar is a bit like trying to get your groceries home from the supermarket on a motorcycle. Sure, you can use various tricky boxes and carriers attached to your bike to get the job done, but even the smallest and cheapest car would make the job so much easier. In a similar way, if you want a real soundstage from stereo or multi-channel music and movies, five properly placed speakers and a subwoofer in a good ol’ 5.1 setup will make even the fanciest soundbar sound pedestrian. For a real enthusiast, the decision to move to discrete speakers is a no-brainer, the only problem being that most decent 5.1 speaker packages cost a good chunk of change. Luckily, Polk Audio has a long history of dealing with that problem.