HDMI Cables



SCP Ultra Slim HDMI Cables


SCP’s NEW Ultra-Slim High Speed HDMI® Cables with Ethernet are designed for connections in tight spaces with restricted access to the HDMI ports. The connector head is up to 50% smaller than our competitor’s standard connector. The cable itself is more flexible and the diameter is also especially thin at only 3.6mm OD.

In addition to connecting the new slim style flat screen displays, the SCP Ultra-Slim High Speed HDMI cables are the professional Installers’ choice for connecting HDMI cables to HDMI Matrix Switchers and other rack mounted devices with multiple HDMI ports. SCP Ultra-Slim High Speed HDMI cables are compliant with the latest HDMI version – High Speed with Ethernet. This means that our SCP Ultra-Slim HDMI cables are High-Speed rated up to 10.2Gbps and supports transfer of 1080p/120Hz, 4k and 3D video; as well as Audio Return Channel (ARC) and Ethernet Channel. Our SCP Ultra-Slim High Speed HDMI cables are made with premium materials and are tested to ensure that you get the best quality video and audio transfer… even at longer distances. All SCP Ultra-Slim High Speed HDMI cables are Triple Shielded and use only gold-plated connectors.

  • Ultra Thin <4mm Cable Diameter
  • Low Profile 15mm Connector
  • Ultra Flexibility with superior bend radius
  • Light Weight
  • Triple Shielded for ultimate interference protection
  • 24K Gold Plated for optimal signal transfer and corrosion resistance
  • 36 AWG TC conductors
  • Backward compatible with all previous
  • HDMI versions

Available in 0.5m, 1m, 1.8m, 2.5m