Accoustic Panels


The room is 60% of what you hear from the speakers in that room. Many a man cave (garage) can be made to sound a lot nicer with some accoustic treatment.

Soft panels on the wall can deaden echoe and reverb (reflections) and stop cancellation of important early reflections so letting the fundimental note ring true into the room. So bass is deeper and louder and the vocals are clearer and less smeered, so better diction. So you hear more what is coming out of the speaker and less of the reflections off the wall with the added resonants of the wall (concrete or steel doors etc).

Panels in a cafe can quiet the room down, making that conversation across the table more pleasant and less of the banging coffee despensor and chairs etc. Too many public places are now concrete, glass and other hard surfaces. Even some new homes are not nice sounding environments.

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